Women's Ministry

Our Women’s Ministry includes Secret Prayer Partners along with a Women-only Life Group, meeting every second week on Tuesday evenings. We have also recently added a Women’s Recovery Group for ladies who are struggling to embrace all that God is calling them into. 

Secret Prayer Partners is a ministry that is dedicated for one lady to focus on the prayer requests of another lady. The purpose is to discipline ourselves to pray daily. Praying for one another takes the focus off of ourselves and draws us closer to God. Knowing someone is praying for you is a great encouragement. Praying for someone that you may not know builds our faith that God knows each other's needs and we just need to come to Him on behalf of that person. Prayer Partners helps to foster relationships with women that you may never have had a relationship with otherwise. Contact: Dawn at office@oakpark.ca or Val Lautischer at val.lau@shaw.ca

“God wants us to ask, prayer is the very foundation of the church. It is where God’s power is released.”