Our Mission

We exist to help people become Followers of Jesus who are growing in their love for God, love for others and service to the world.

Loving God
Above all else we seek to obey the Great Commandment, to love God with "heart, soul, mind and strength"(Luke 10:27).  We try to express this in everything we do, from personal and corporate worship to the way we relate to one another.

Loving Others
Luke 10:27 also tells us to "love our neighbour as ourself", which means we not only love our friends and those close to us, but we also extend that love to strangers, including people in our immediate community, our city, country and even the world.  Everyone we meet during the daily course of our lives provides us with a chance to show God's love.  We want to love the way Jesus loves!

Serving the World
We are on a mission, a journey to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to a lost, lonely and hurting world.  We do this through some very purposeful local and global programs efforts.